Dumb Criminals


GA woman calls 911 to complain about her mug shot, gets arrested again
Man Accused of Having Sex with Teddy Bear for 4th Time
Corpse Found in Tub with TV Weatherman
Bank Robbers Crash Into Garbage Truck During Getaway (Chicago)
Puppy Nappers Caught After Leaving Car Keys Behind (St. Paul)
Man Arrested After Stealing Fire Truck (MN)
Woman Allegedly Threatens Customers with a Machete at Farmers Market (Willmar)
Ohio Woman Sprays Police with Breast Milk During Dispute 
Burglar Falls Off Roof, Breaks Pelvis (Mpls) 
Man Stabs Girlfriend, Sprays Police with Super Soaker (Richfield, MN)
Woman Calls 911 over Chinese Food Order (Audio)
Ice Cream Truck Drivers Accused of Trying to Run Each Other Off the Road
Teen Faces 8 Years for Blow Up Doll Prank
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Man Goes Berserk with Baseball Bat Over Fried Chicken Breast
MN Man Gets 4 Months for Underwear Thefts (MN)
Doggie-doo Triggers Neighborhood Shoot-out
Burglary Suspect Gets Stuck in Hamper
Persistent Chinese Robber Doesn't Know When to Stop (Video)
"You're Honor, 1400 lbs. of Cheese is Gone, Maybe Mice Ate it" (MN)
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Archives - Interesting Police Calls--Local

--Call from a 911-only cell phone; Male asking for help, says he's in a tree and can see a Taco Bell from his location 
--Check the welfare of person at the [NE Mpls] bar. Caller said an older man was putting something in a tan pick up truck that looked like female legs
--Report of a reckless driver. Personalized license plate reads, "HotShot"
--Report of an aggressive panhandler in the St. Anthony Main area. He's wearing a tuxedo and top hat
--See the caller who's standing outside because the roomie's smoking in the house
--Property damage accident at the Hmong Market. Vehicle drove into building
--Suspect is still on scene. Caller said he's known as Steve "the bird feeder"
--Caller would like to see someone about the male next door who keeps exposing himself to her (St. Paul)
--Caller says there's a suspicious male at the park staring at the children and licking his lips (S. Mpls)
--Female chasing a male with a stick with nails in it
--Caller said they were following a van with a "whiskey" plate that was going in and out of the ditch
--They didn't have that happy-I-just-bought-some-crack walk (Mpls UC)
--See caller regarding threats from an ax over the phone
--Caller reports that the neighbor's power has been shut off, and that they are running an extension cord to the caller's outdoor outlet
--Check on a male on the south side of the building yelling and screaming at no one for no reason
--Report of the step child doing some damage to the house. He drove the snowmobile into the living room (Anoka County)
--I'm with the [victim], the hook is out of her eye now (Mpls river walk)
--Caller says they saw someone throw a used diaper out the vehicle window at someone
--Male just stole a wheelchair from Fairview Hospital, now he's on the corner with it panhandling (St. Paul)
--Ambulance and rescue started for man who stubbed his toe and is bleeding (NE Mpls)
--Do we want the Dodge Durgango... No, they were just smoking weed 
--This guy just peeled out and laid a bunch of rubber; supposedly he just broke up with his girlfriend 
--Report of a man taking pictures up skirts (DT Mpls)
--Vehicle passenger opened the car door into a bus, and the bus kept going. He may not have been aware
--Caller says neighbor dumped grass clippings in the alley and in caller's yard (St. Paul)
--Caller's girlfriend tried to stab him with a pair of scissors. Currently, he's not answering any questions
--Caller says the suspect is yelling at her and barking at her dog
--Caller says that the mother and daughter are fist fighting
--See the caller at the bus stop at Randolph & Fairview; he found a butcher knife while waiting for the bus
--Caller's son and daughter-in-law are arguing over a card game
--Caller said that four of his ex-girlfriends were at his door, and he's afraid they're going to bust the door down
--Caller requests to see a squad about smoke coming in her window from the neighbors BBQ grill. Neighbor refuses to move grill
--Check on a drunk male who fell off his bike and can't get up
--Report of loud party shooting off fireworks and doing McGyver-type things
--See caller at SA on north Lexington who prepaid for gas, and another car filled up, now the store is refusing to give his money back
--Caller says suspect is threatening to burn down caller's house
--Report of suspects smoking crack and shooting dice in the bus shelter
--We have a drunk sleeper on the bus (Mpls)
--Caller says her friend is threatening to amputate her own leg with a chainsaw (St. Paul)
--Some kids just picked up and ran with a security guard's belt that had a .40 cal. Beretta in the holster (St. Paul)
--We're doing a yard-to-yard search for a man with a gun, somebody get this school bus out of here (St. Paul)
--See complainant regarding dead animal thrown in her car (St. Paul)
--Cancel theft of motor vehicle call. Party called back and said he remembered where he parked his vehicle
--Need assistance at Como Zoo; two parties arguing over a parking space
--Report of man having sex with a stop sign for the last two hours
--Motor vehicle accident: Ice cream truck vs. parked car
--Bicyclist broke taxicab mirror with bike lock (DT)
--Report of stray dog boarding city bus, did not pay fare (New Brighton)
--Person walked into the side of a bus (DT)

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