2nd Precinct Crime Highlights May 31 - June 6

posted Jun 17, 2011, 7:37 AM by Ronnie V
Week ending June 6, 2011

31xx Johnson St. N.E. 6-6-11 2222 11-161492
Squad responded to assist FIRE at the above location. After information was gathered and relayed to the ARSON CAR, officers searched the area for the suspect, located him and booked him HCJ.

Burglary of Business
938 Lowry Ave. N.E. 5-31-11 0225 11-153307
While on routine patrol officer observed four males running from the business at 938 Lowry Av NE [Editor: Tom’s Style & Tanning]. Officer gave chase and several verbal commands for the individuals to stop running. The group scattered and officer was able to take A1 into custody. The other suspects escaped. While checking the area, officer found multiple clothing items on hangers lying on the ground outside the victim business. There was also one item across the street directly in the path that the suspects had run. A trash can was found directly underneath an open window on the east side of the building. V1 identified the clothing items as having come from inside his business. The clothing was identified as having come from a clothes rack directly underneath the inside of the open window. [Editor: As we reported on Facebook, the suspect taken into custody was set free without charges after 48 hour hold. Reported address of residence on 26th Ave. NE. See details on FB].

300 Broadway St. N.E. 6-2-11 0130 11-160964
RP1 reported that S1/clerk was behind the counter where Newport cigarettes are stored, opened the cabinet, and removed 25 cartons from the storage cabinet. S1 then placed them in the garbage containers, covered them up with other garbage (but green stripes of the Newport containers can be seen in the video) and more bags, then carried it outside to the dumpster. Several moments later S1 was seen on camera removing the garbage bag from the dumpster and placing it into his tan, four door General Motors 4X4. This is all on video. The loss is retailed at $1750.00 for 25 cartons of Newport cigarettes. RP1 said that S1 was scheduled to work on 06-06-2011 at 2300 hours. Investigations was notified of the circumstances and stated that Mid and dogwatch shifts could book S1 for Felony theft. Suspect arrested 6-6-11, 2316.

11-149879-ASLT2 on 05/27/2011, 23:19 hours 
16xx Washington St NE. The victim was assaulted by a suspect, armed with a baseball bat. The suspect fled. The case was assigned to Sgt. Schwartz. The suspect was arrested on a PC PICKUP, booked and charges were filed by the CA. 

In-Custody: 11-149,992. ROBBERY of PERSON AGGRAVATED 
4th Av. / 5th St. SE. [Drunk] M was jumped by three suspects and robbed. One of the suspects dropped his cell phone and a butcher knife and was later seen by police in the area looking for it. Shaquille Thompson was arrested for PC Robbery, but his 48-hour hold expired and he was released. Sgt. Harvey was assigned this case. Thompson was later seen by Sgt. Harvey, but he invoked his right to an attorney. 

Bait Vehicles
Bait vehicles were deployed last week and there were 3 activations. The first activation occurred in 2nd Precinct, no one was seen on tape.

K9 team assisted 2nd pct CRT officers on a narcotics bust at 17th ST NE/2nd ST NE. Two suspects were taken into custody. One of the suspects was armed with .44 magnum revolver.

K9 team assisted 2nd pct and U of M PD on a burglary at 4xx 12 AVE SE. K9 team entered the building and K9 located two suspects hiding inside. Both suspects were taken into custody.

• Bike Cop for Kids: The Program has increased in numbers this summer and will consist of eight SRO’s (School Resource Officers); there will be a Kick-Off on June 13th at 10:30am in the Government Center Plaza (please join us if you can). Officers Klukow, Kirchen, Kenow, Duren, Kubes, Landmesser, Loveland and Petron are excited for this summer’s activities.

• Police Athletic League: Officers Adams, Pettis and Agent Berryman will be working with kids in summer P.A.L. Programs.

1206 2nd…INFO…Followed up on a problem resident, spoke with housing attorney regarding conduct of resident and forwarded reports for lease term.

Officer Kubes
NE Middle School – I monitored Northeast Middle School’s last day departure with SRO Duren and everything went smoothly; in-turn, I assisted SRO Duren at Edison High during their last day departure. Though there were a few disturbances we were able to get all students off safely with the assistance of staff.

Pratt Elementary School – I spoke with the two kindergarten classes; I also brought a book to class and read to them. It was a lot of fun. Waite Park Elementary – I attended the Field Day event. The students had a great time and they enjoyed the activities.

V=Victim (V1, V2, etc…)

S=Suspect (S1, S2, etc…)

AP=Arrested Party (person taken into custody or cited & released for a crime)

W= Witness (W1, W2, etc…)

OT= Other (a party on the scene that often played no specific role or is not a victim)

RP= Reporting Party (Example: “RP told officers there were people trying to break into his neighbor’s house)

EMS= Emergency Medical Service

DK= Drunk

GOA= Gone on Arrival

HCJ= Hennepin County Jail

JDC= Juvenile Detention Center

ID’d= Identified (“He ID’d the suspect as a classmate”)

SHOW-UP =Suspect is shown to victims to see if he/she can be positively ID’d as the person who committed the crime

DOA= Dead on Arrival

MTP= Metro Transit Police

PC= Probable Cause (Evidence points to reasons to be arrested…i.e. “He was booked in HCJ for PC Weapons”)

CRI=Confidential Reliable Informant


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