2nd Precinct Crime Highlights May 9 - 30, 2011

posted Jun 6, 2011, 12:36 PM by Ronnie V   [ updated Jun 9, 2011, 6:04 PM ]
Week ending May 16, 2011

Robbery of Business
19xx Fillmore St. N.E. 5-12-11 2154 11-132977
Business was robbed at gunpoint. AP1 & AP2 were later located and positively identified by RP1.
Editor’s Note: Above is the robbery of the Bee Line Market, which we reported on Facebook just minutes after it happened. Below is one suspect who is still in custody. The other suspect was a juvenile, and we can’t get that info.
Booking Number: 2011012444 Date of Birth: 4/26/1993
Sheriff's Custody: IN CUSTODY . .
Received Date/Time: 5/13/2011.. 00:25
Court date: 6/16/2011..09:00
Sgt. Burbank located the suspects in the area immediately after the robbery. Juvenile Unit investigators and Sgt. McLean from the Robbery Unit were able to get both defendants charged with Agg. Robbery-1 and recover the handgun used in the robbery, pursuant to a search warrant of a motor vehicle.

Burglary of Business
16xx Central Ave. N.E. 5-10-11 0355 11-129733
RP1/security guard for business found A1 in a hallway bathroom sitting on the toilet but not going to the bathroom. RP questioned A1 who gave him 3 fake suite numbers that he allegedly belonged in. RP1 stated A1 had no right to be in building. RP1 found forced entry to the front doors of building (rock through window pane). All other doors/windows were secure.

9xx 5th St. S.E. 5-12-11 0322 11-132172
Officers dispatched to a theft. Squad detained two males matching the suspect description four blocks from scene. A show up was conducted and W1 positively ID’d both arrested parties. Some loss recovered and suspects caught on video tape.

Officer Kubes, NE Middle School:
• I had a span student spit at and threaten a teacher; the student was arrested and transported to the juvenile division. CCN: 11-137952.

• Assisted Sgt Wheeler on a robbery case that involved several students from the school.

• I spoke with 4 classes about drugs and their effects; in addition, I answered police related questions that the students had.

• We had a Fire Drill during the week.

• I received a call from a concerned neighbor that lives two blocks away from the school - several students believed to be from Northeast Middle School were throwing rocks at turkeys and yelling at her. I will try to find the students involved and resolve the matter.

Week Ending May 23, 2011

17xx Fillmore St. N.E. 5-21-11 0457 11-142256
V1 stated he had been shot by AP, who is known to him and gave clothing description (black shirt, white pant). V2 stated that AP had assaulted her using his fists. Both victim’s stated that suspect 2 was also present during a fight that occurred prior to the shooting. Officer used squad DVD system to get AP’s address and veh. info. Officer observed this vehicle parked in front of AP’s address. Vehicle had fresh condensation on windows and warm engine hood. AP came to the door and was wearing clothing described by victims. AP made spontaneous statements putting him at the scene of the shooting.

Domestic Assault2
25xx Central Ave. N.E. 5-17-11 1255 11-137801
V1 stated that his girlfriend had became very angry with him because he wanted to leave. Victim stated that AP1 grabbed a knife from the vehicle they were working on in the parking lot and stabbed him in the chest.

Burglary of Business
25xx Central Ave. N.E. 5-18-11 0745 11-138747
Suspect rode his bike to business and left it in parking lot. Suspect entered the business through a loading dock door and started to walk around inside business. Suspect asked RP1 for some spare change, which was denied. After suspect left building it was discovered that a business laptop was missing. Suspect fled on his bike. During the investigation the suspect was positively identified from a sequential 6 photograph line up. The arrested party was stopped later in the day and he had in his possession the stolen laptop from the business, confirmed by the serial number. AP booked for PC R & C under CCN 11-138881 and PC Burgb in this case.

In-Custody: 11-137,499. ASLT.-
348 15th Av. NE Daniel Cottier was arrested after the female victim alleged that he cut her with a pair of scissors. The victim has failed to cooperate. Defendant also suffered facial injuries and did not know how the victim suffered her injuries.

In-Custody: 11-142,256. ASLT.-2 (SHOOT) 
AP-Trevor Hon was arrested for firing several rounds of birdshot at an M victim with a shotgun, and striking him at least once in the torso. The AP fled in a vehicle to a dwelling in the 3100-block of Arthur St. NE. Officers located the vehicle and arrested the AP. The victim was in stable condition at HCMC.
[Editor's Note: Trevor Hon has been submitted for the Eastside Court Watch list]

Week Ending May 30, 2011

Robbery of Person Aggravated
4th Ave. S.E./5th St. S.E. 5-28-11 0140 11-149992
Officer responded to listed address near Holmes Park on an assault in progress call. Upon arrival, a victim of an Aggravated Robbery was located. The victim sustained a minor abrasion to the left cheekbone area from being punched and/or kicked by two suspects. The suspects rummaged through victim's pockets and stole victim's cellphone before fleeing on foot into Holmes Park. In the course of the robbery, the suspect(s) inadvertently left a large butcher knife and one of their (suspects) own personal cell phones behind. AP1 was located a short time later by Squad 211 searching Holmes Park for his "lost" cell phone. AP1 described his by make and color. A cell phone that was located/recovered at the scene of the crime was determined to be the same in question. AP1's clothing/physical was similar to one suspect descriptions provided the victim and witnesses, however no positive identification was made at the scene by victim.

Burglary of Business
15xx Como Ave. S.E. 5-28-11 0317 11-150066
W1 stated that he had seen A1 with a tool attempting to pry a window of the listed business, and that A1 fled when the alarm went off. W1 was able to catch up to A1 at 18th Ave SE and Hennepin Ave Se and detain him until officers arrived.

[Editor’s Note: We reported this on Facebook as a Spotter Alert just moments after it happened]
1400 Marshall St. N.E. 5-26-11 1436 11-148203
Squad dispatched to THEFT (laptop) of open business at listed location. VB had description of suspect (AP) from security video. A short time later, W1 later observed AP on north side with loss. AP taken into custody and loss recovered.

In-Custody: 11-149,992. ROBBERY of Person AGGRAVATED
4th Av. / 5th St. SE.

DK [drunk] M was jumped by three suspects and robbed. One of the suspects dropped his cell phone and a butcher knife and was later seen by police in the area looking for it. Shaquille Thompson was arrested for PC Robbery, but his 48-hour hold expired and he was released. Sgt. Harvey was assigned this case. Thompson was later seen by Sgt. Harvey, but he invoked his right to an attorney.

Spring St. / Central Av.
M victim was assaulted and probably robbed by a M who targeted patrons of the nearby bar. The victim was knocked unconscious, transported to HCMC where he is in a medically-induced coma. Sgt. McLean is assigned this case.

Anthony Robert Buetow with the rape of a family member. Buetow physically overpowered an adult family member and raped her. Victim had numerous bruises of assault. Victim reports a history of sexual assaults by Buetow.

201 Main St. SE, (Stone Arch Bridge)
Suspect described as possibly a Hispanic male but thought that he may have just been very tan, thin build, thin dark brown braided ponytail. Wearing running shorts, t-shirt had "5K" on the front and he was wearing a small bicycle type hat. Suspect approached two females, pulled down his shorts, exposing his penis and began jumping up and down. The victims told him to leave them alone and he ran towards Main Street. (11-153397)

11-149879 ASSAULT2
On 05/27/2011, 23:19 hours at 16xx Washington St NE. The suspect assaulted the victim using a baseball bat. The suspect fled. The case was assigned to Sgt. Schwartz to investigate. The suspect was subsequently arrested on 06/01/2011. The case will be presented to the CA for charging.

K9 team assisted 2nd pct officers on an attempt pick up at 25xx Lincoln ST NE. The suspect was hiding inside and refused to come out. K9 officer gave K9 warning into the house and the suspect surrendered immediately.

On 05/25/2011 at 0132 hours, Officer Wuorinen stopped a vehicle on University and 12th Ave. SE for driving with a headlight out. Officer saw suspected narcotics between the driver's door and seat. Officer could also smell an odor of marijuana coming the car. The driver/AP1 was asked out of the car and given SFST's. The passenger/AP2 was asked out of the car and asked were the marijuana was with no response from her. A drug pipe was found on her and two baggies of marijuana were found in her purse along with pills. Both AP's were arrested for PC Narcotics and booked into the jail. The car was impounded.

V=Victim (V1, V2, etc…)

S=Suspect (S1, S2, etc…)

AP=Arrested Party (person taken into custody or cited & released for a crime) 

W= Witness (W1, W2, etc…)

OT= Other (a party on the scene that often played no specific role or is not a victim)

RP= Reporting Party (Example: “RP told officers there were people trying to break into his neighbor’s house)

EMS= Emergency Medical Service

DK= Drunk

GOA= Gone on Arrival

HCJ= Hennepin County Jail

JDC= Juvenile Detention Center

ID’d= Identified (“He ID’d the suspect as a classmate”)

SHOW-UP =Suspect is shown to victims to see if he/she can be positively ID’d as the person who committed the crime

DOA= Dead on Arrival

MTP= Metro Transit Police

PC= Probable Cause (Evidence points to reasons to be arrested…i.e. “He was booked in HCJ for PC Weapons”)

CRI=Confidential Reliable Informant 

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