2nd Precinct Crime Highlights through May 9, 2011

posted May 30, 2011, 2:42 PM by Ronnie V   [ updated Jun 1, 2011, 4:03 PM ]
Summarized from Minneapolis Police Dept. web page.

Week ending May 9, 2011

1929 2nd St. NE, Juvenile female reports that juvenile male, an acquaintance, sexually assaulted her in a stairway. Suspect has prior history of sexual assault and is suspect in robbery. Case deferred due to inconsistencies. Investigation ongoing.

In-Custody: 11-125, 054. ASLT.-3
233 E. Hennepin Av., A deliveryman for Panera Bread observed AP-Mohamed Omar urinating outside the business. When the victim confronted him about his behavior, he was assaulted. The victim and a bystander held Omar until police arrived. Sgt. Nelson is assigned this case. The victim suffered only misdemeanor-level injuries and Omar was tab charged with Asslult-5.
[Editor’s Note: Mohamed Omar listed his home address as 22 University AV NE Apt. 307, Minneapolis, MN 55413]

In-Custody: 11-120,361. ROBBERY of PERSON AGGRAVATED
29th/ Lincoln St. NE M victim rode the bus with a M suspect from downtown Minneapolis. When the victim got off the bus, he was followed by the suspect, who pulled out a handgun and robbed him of his belongings, including a cell phone. Officers “pinged” the cell phone and were led to 26XX Ulysses St. Officers did a knock-and-talk and were allowed to search the house for the loss. Officers identified a juvenile male inside the residence that resembled the suspect. Sgt. Carpenter was assigned this case and was able to obtain video from Metro Transit that matched the juvenile male at the Ulysses St. address. After a photo line up, the victim identified this juvenile male. Sgt. Carpenter this issued a PC Pick Up for the suspect, who was arrested by VCAT. This case was submitted to the Juvenile County Attorney’s Office for a petition.

Juvenile Division:
Officer Kubes, NE Middle School
--I’ve had several past students, along with current students who are on suspension, show up at the end of the day. Their presence was addressed before any possible problems could arise; all were advised.

Officer Duren, Edison High School
--I received a call from a Juvenile Division Investigator who was looking for a student wanted in connection with an Aggravated Robbery of Person; I looked for the student all day and he showed up at the end of the school. I called in additional squads and the student was eventually arrested at 20/central; CCN: 11-124525.

On 05/05/2011 18:40 hours at 23rd and Jackson St, NE. The victim was robbed by several suspects(s.) The loss was an IPOD. The case was assigned to Sgt. Sauer. Two suspects were arrested and the CA is reviewing the case for charging.

Bomb Squad
05/01/2011 Responded to 3rd Ave. NE and 7th Street NE, which was x-rayed and cleared.

Public Housing
1815 Central…ASLT2 followed up with management for eviction.

Week ending May 2, 2011

11-115,828. ROBBERY of PERSON
12th Av. SE/ 7th St., M victim was surrounded and robbed of his backpack and other property by three M’s, all wearing black hooded sweatshirts. The same suspects are also thought to be involved in two other ROBPAG’s that occurred on 12th Av. SE (4/15/11 and 4/19/11) with the same method of operation. Victims in all three cases can not identify their attackers. Sgt. McLean is assigned this pattern. On 4/28/11, a news conference was held and two crime alerts have been issued by the MPD and the U of M PD. There has not been a public response to the press release/news conference.

On 04/28/2011, 15:31 hours at 25xx Central Av NE. The victim business was entered by multiple suspects. The suspects stole merchandise and assaulted the clerk after being confronted. The suspects fled. The case was assigned to Sgt. Davison. Open case.

18xx Central Ave. N.E. 4-28-11 2040 11- 116646
Victim jealous when Ap1 kissed another girl. V1 then got up to leave but Ap1 started yelling at her because he thought she had his wallet. Victim then stated that she picked up a large kitchen knife and placed it on the kitchen counter and continued to leave when AP1 picked up the knife and struck the victim in the head several times causing several cuts on the victims head.

Domestic Assault2
24xx 5th St. N.E. 4-28-11 2210 11-116764
Victim stated that his ex-girlfriend/S1 stabbed him in the forehead and back after a domestic dispute.

Domestic Assault2
18xx Central Ave. N.E. 4-29-11 2330 11-118182
Victim was cut on the arm by broken glass by her sister/S1 after getting into an argument.

(Surdyks) 303 Hennepin Ave. E. 4-30-11 1405 11-118726
AC1 stated he observed A2 placing a bottle of liquor in his front left jacket pocket while in the store. When he went to make a citizen's arrest he also observed that A2's friend/A1 had a bottle of liquor stuffed behind her back. (A1 was in a black push wheel chair).

In-Custody: 11-116,646. ASLT.-2. 1815 Central Av.
Joseph Landry was arrested after getting into an argument and then striking a female in the head with a knife. The victim ran to the police precinct, summoned help and identified the suspect. This case is assigned to Sgt. Nelson.

Officer Kubes, NE Middle School:
--An upset neighbor notified me that when the students were walking home from school a group of kids kicked his fence down. He followed the kids but was unable to stop them; he was able to get good descriptions of them though. Staff and I were able to determine which students were involved and we talked with them about the situation. I then spoke to the neighbor again and he did not want to file a report. I told him to call me any time with future problems, questions or concerns and let him know that I would monitor his block at school closing.

--I helped manage a very uncooperative student who purposefully laid down in the street; several cars had to stop to avoid striking him. The student also pushed staff and has had crisis issues in the past. The student was transported by ambulance to HCMC. CCN 11-117227.

Edison High School – As “Back-Up” to SRO Duren I assisted at the school by citing a two runaways (CCN’s 11-120674 & 11-120649) and controlling an intoxicated student who’s parents eventually came to pick her up.

V=Victim (V1, V2, etc…)

S=Suspect (S1, S2, etc…)

AP=Arrested Party (person taken into custody or cited & released for a crime)

W= Witness (W1, W2, etc…)

OT= Other (a party on the scene that often played no specific role or is not a victim)

RP= Reporting Party (Example: “RP told officers there were people trying to break into his neighbor’s house)

EMS= Emergency Medical Service

DK= Drunk

GOA= Gone on Arrival

HCJ= Hennepin County Jail

JDC= Juvenile Detention Center

ID’d= Identified (“He ID’d the suspect as a classmate”)

SHOW-UP =Suspect is shown to victims to see if he/she can be positively ID’d as the person who committed the crime

DOA= Dead on Arrival

MTP= Metro Transit Police

PC= Probable Cause (Evidence points to reasons to be arrested…i.e. “He was booked in HCJ for PC Weapons”)

CRI=Confidential Reliable Informant 

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