Our Position on Criminals/Criminal Activity in Public Housing

posted Aug 7, 2011, 11:18 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated Apr 4, 2013, 9:04 PM ]
We’ve had a recent dust-up on our Facebook page regarding views on active criminals living in public housing and criminal activity taking place in public housing.

It seems that admin comments on the topic have been misconstrued and that the comments of others have been falsely ascribed to our page’s admins.

To clarify, it is and will remain the position of Northeast Minneapolis Crime Watch that active criminals and those with active warrants and those with repeated current arrests should not be living in public housing. Period. (We do not think that all people living in public housing are criminals, as has been implied by agitators).

In addition to the myriad concerns presented by active criminals living in public housing (and criminal activity taking place in public housing), one of the biggest concerns should be the seniors and vulnerable people living in public housing who live in fear and who are victimized by the criminal elements living in public housing.

For many reasons, housing active criminals is not an effective or reasonable use of public housing, and MPHA needs to have better policies and enforcement in place that provide for the removal of those who continue to commit criminal acts while living in public housing, those with active warrants and those with a history of repeated arrests while living in public housing. MPHA also needs to do a better job of quashing criminal activity taking place at public housing (whether by residents or those visiting or hanging out).

The issue of active criminals living in public housing (and criminal activity taking place in public housing) is a very small portion of the content discussed on this website or our Facebook page, but we, and many others in the community, feel it’s an important topic that needs to be addressed, and we will continue to address it as necessary.

So, if the above position doesn’t sit well with you, and you can’t look beyond it to see the value in this page, then you should probably move on.

Originally, one person was booted from our Facebook page a few days ago because he was haranguing the admins of the page with straw man arguments about the percentage of criminals in public housing vs. criminals in non-public housing, which had nothing to do with the admin comments made. The person also repeatedly misconstrued admin comments and falsely ascribed the comments of others to page admins in his haranguing and accusations.

Since being booted from the Facebook page, that person has descended his mis-informed agitators to also harangue the page. Many of whom have also been booted.

It is the position of Northeast Minneapolis Crime Watch to reserve the right to utilize the tools provided by Facebook to monitor and control content and comments presented on our Facebook page (and this website) that detract from our mission, which is to offer public safety news, information and resources to residents in order to promote safer, more engaged neighborhoods.

Owners/Admins of Facebook pages delete comments and ban users all of the time. It is not exclusive to our page. It’s not a conspiracy to silence those with differing opinions. Your differing opinions are welcomed and encouraged, but haranguing and false accusations toward admins will not be tolerated. It’s just simply our prerogative to keep the focus of our Facebook page (and website) on our simple mission. There’s plenty of room on Facebook for those who want to start their own page to promote their own views.