Planning Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

posted Mar 25, 2011, 10:34 AM by Ronnie V

Severe weather season is right around the corner. Plus, as we’ve seen with recent local and world events, uprisings and disasters, you and your family need to be prepared in case you’re faced with a short-term lack of access to services and necessities.

Take the time to plan a basic safety and first aid kit, as well as establishing an emergency meeting place in case you don’t have access to ready communication with your family or don’t have access to your home during an emergency. 

You should have the following basic items stored in a convenient spot in or around your home, along with the ability to transport or carry the items to another location if necessary. You may want to create a condensed version for your vehicle, as well:

--A minimum 3 day supply of water and food per person (plus a “mess kit” containing utensils, can opener, Sterno etc.)
--Toiletries and personal care products
--Portable radio
--First aid kit
--Candles or light sticks
--Waterproof matches
--Swiss Army knife
--Sewing kit
--Extra clothing
--Plastic garbage bags
--Nylon rope
--Special needs (diapers, glasses, Rx medications, etc.)

Check the following links for more important questions to ask and detailed checklists to help you plan your emergency preparedness kit.

Sources and more information: Mother Earth News and Ready America